NCServes – Western Official Launch

This morning at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College, local providers and veterans gathered for the official launch of the 11th network of the AmericaServes initiative, NCServes – Western! AB Tech not only hosted the event, but they are also the Coordination Center of the network, which is now the 4th one in North Carolina. Below are a few photos of the event as well as a brief description of each.

The NCServes Western Coordination Center Team waiting to check guests in: Emily in blue and Jessica in floral dress.

AB Tech president giving the opening remarks and welcome. To his right, translator and Brandon Wilson, network director of NCServes Western.

Air Force veteran singing National Anthem. It was quite beautiful with the sign linguist next to him.

Ilario Pantano, Senior Director for Community Services at IVMF refocuses the network upon the grand need for a coordinated and collaborative effort to serve the needs of our veterans, service members & and their families with a moving personal narrative and call to action.

Brandon Wilson capturing the network providers, the importance of data supported inferences (housing being the top service need in area … and data to prove it) and an early success story.

Current service coverage area of not only NCServes Western, but all four AmericaServes markets in North Carolina.